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Client: My heartfelt congratulations to you first and foremost. Without your unshakable convictions in justice, your resilience and devotion this could not have been achieved.

Client: We are satisfied with the work of Ms. Savic and her office to provide legal assistance to the families whose members died for the Kosovo conflict and we are very grateful to her for everything she does to tackle these cases.

Member of Parliament: In cases where clients were detained prior to removal, successful action sometimes meant intervening to turn around a case in a matter of hours, even at week-ends and Jovanka always acted speedily displaying her incredibly high standards of professional knowledge and expertise together calmness and imagination.

It is clear that Jovanka’s swift and professional action on behalf of detainees has played an important part in ensuring that UKBA practice has complied with the UK’s international legal obligations and the will of parliament.

Judge: The parties have both used considerable endeavours in order to prepare for a contested oral hearing today with only one working day’s notice. I express my thanks to the solicitors and counsel on both sides for their considerable industry in putting together the necessary documentation and preparing their respective skeleton arguments for use at the hearing today.

NGO: Many Rochester detainees were Algerian, during a viciously violent civil war and had been held in indefinite and prolonged immigration detention, despite being torture victims. A number were later shown to have been held unlawfully. Ms Savic was amongst a very small group of committed solicitors who would run bail hearings pro bono to free such asylum applicants.

Client: The service is really perfect! Thank you Jovanka!